Laura Vilsan, Hoofd kinderbescherming Sibiu, Roemenië.

Laura VilsanEnglish:
Just as lies in the team name “Clowns for Life” I wish this annual project to become permanent and that is for a very simple reason: these people give their positive energy with so much passion and honesty, that you can not fail example of literature review in nursing research to notice the extraordinary impact that it has on children in institutions. These transfer techniques of joy and laughter enable them to reach the hearts and minds of children with disabilities and staff are taught to use them, because this is very important – we must learn to help children open their heart and mind.

Thank you from the heart team “Clowns for life” for all the effort and the joy you gave to our children in centers, “said the Executive Manager DGASPC Sibiu, Laura Vîlsan.

Așa precum rezidă și din denumirea echipei de clovni „Clowns for life” , îmi doresc ca proiectul pe care-l derulează anual să devină ceva permanent și asta dintr-un motiv foarte simplu:acești oameni își dăruiesc energia pozitivă cu atâta pasiune și onestitate, încât nu poți să nu remarci extraordinarul impact pe care-l au asupra copiilor din instituții. Aceste tehnici de transfer ale bucuriei și râsului le permit să ajungă la sufletul și mintea copiilor cu dizabilități iar, personalul este învățat să le folosească, pentru că acest aspect este foarte important – ca noi să învățăm să-i ajutăm pe copii să-și deschidă inima și mintea.
Mulțumesc din suflet echipei „Clowns for life” pentru tot efortul depus, în mod voluntar, pentru copiii noștri din centre”, a declarat directorul executiv DGASPC Sibiu , Laura Vîlsan.

Dr. Camille King, L.P.C.

Dear Monique,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to be invited into the world of Clowns For Life. Such joy you brought into the lives of the children we visited and how you brightened my day. I was extremely impressed with your ability to be in the rhythm of each child. You seemed to know when to move forward and to hold back as each child needed. This is a gift not possessed by everyone. It was so touching to see children who were distant when you first entered the room to move forward and back until they were engulfing you in their world. It was especially fascinating to watch how you were able to even enter the world of one boy whom, I strongly self-reflective essay suspect, does not often let people into his world. You seemed to know instinctually where to find the “crack” in the wall he keeps around himself. Spending the morning with you, reminded me how important it is to take the time to have fun and that everyone needs to experience laughter, especially those who have the special struggles these children have. What a wonderful way to use your very obvious talents. I am looking forward to your return to Sibiu and am very hopeful that I will once again be able to be allowed to experience the magic you work when you enter the room.


Dr. Camille King, L.P.C.
Presently living in Sibiu, Romania
(Oklahoma City, Ok., USA