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Shane Burgos Free Breakdown
At 28 years old, Burgos is coming into his prime as he takes on the veteran Cub Swanson. He could have a significant reach benefit of 5.5 inches and is overall a much bigger featherweight. In the pocket Burgos is vastly more specialized with sharp combinations and dangerous power. He comes from a fantastic camp but his main weakness appears to be shield, where he has left himself vulnerable to strikes and been hurt in many recent conflicts.
Swanson is a much more unorthadox and crazy fighter and his personality looks to struggle against more technical competition. He’s on a significant losing streak where he’s appeared vulnerable and flat in each fight. It appears Cub is really on a a downturn that’s not surprising given his era in a branch where speed is king. It must be noted that most of Cub’s losses have begun to top 10 opposition, but it is his lack of competitiveness that raise a red flag.
This fight should be entertaining with the two guys willing to stand and trade. In the improbable event that Swanson can reignite his early career performances this could be a close fight, but we hope to see a falling veteran who can not keep up with the technical young talent. Back Burgos for the win , likely in the distance.Brad Katona Breakdown
Katona, winner of TUF and the hometown fighter is taking on the ever relentless Merab Dvalishvili. Katona has considerably better striking compared to his opponent and holds a BJJ blackbelt. In his profession he has not shown the most effective initial takedown defense however he uses his grappling talents to remain dangerous and make scrambles. Thus far he’s shown a strong ability to contact his feet. Dvalishvili is essential standing, mostly throwing his hand to set up degree fluctuations. He averages an absurd amount of takedown attempts each fight, compounded by the fact he struggles to keep top position for extended periods.
In this fight it’s likely Dvalishvili does property takedowns but Katona has plenty of skills to avoid getting stuck on his back. More time on the toes for Katona means he’ll maintain control, landing hurt and amassing rounds. This ought to be a close fight where the value lies with the neighborhood underdog.
Bet = Katona at 2.65 (+165) chances. Risk 2 Units to win 3.30 Units.
Nordine Taleb Breakdown
Kyle Prepolec is coming to this fight on short notice and united with the fact he’s fighting a branch his chances look slim. Taleb is a well rounded fighter who has a substantial edge in all areas of the battle. On the feet he’s defensively sound and fights long using his jab, straight punches and leg kicks to set the distance. Prepolec enjoys to get in near but leaves himself wide open when entering the pocket. His strikes are he should be open to counters in Taleb. Size are also a large element in which Prepolec has demonstrated a inclination to escape out in the grappling section by much smaller and less gifted fighters compared to Taleb. This is likely his safest route to success where he likely dominates to set up a finish. On short notice debut there are simply too many barriers to overcome and whilst the odds are brief, this seems to be a simple win.

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