Memphis Grizzlies

Vegas Over/Under: 37.5

The Record Projection: 37-45 of fromal The Bet: Avoid but lean under
The Memphis Grizzlies are baffling.
For many years, they have outperformed their inherent metrics since their grit-and-grind style enabled them to win close games more often than other squads. That commitment to defensive excellence and physical drama became synonymous with those Beale Street residents.
But what happens today?
Zach Randolph and vince Carter have defected to the Sacramento Kings. Tony Allen and JaMychal Green remain free agents, and there is no telling whether they will go back to their old stomping grounds for 2017-18. The roster feels more depleted than it has in previous years.
And yet, Mike Conley and Marc Gasol are nonetheless present. Provided that the team’s two best players remain in precisely the same uniform, they’ll be so competitive on the two ends of the floor. Each deserves to be in the All-Star mix season in and year out, and they have taken over as the Grizzlies’ true leaders.
Together with the Western Conference improving, is that sufficient? Can Memphis supplement the two stars’ efforts with a Chandler Parsons?
Betting on the Grizzlies falling completely out of the playoff conversation would be absurd, no matter where they end up at the Western hierarchy. But the chances seem much longer this time around.

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