Complete UFC 236 Betting Preview, Odds, Tips and Best Bets

On Saturday evening, the UFC yields to Atlanta, Georgia for the first time in three years with UFC 226, and this time, it is bringing two title fights with it.
At the primary event, UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway is moving up to 155 pounds to struggle for an interim lightweight title against towering rival Dustin Poirier, a man who beat him before at featherweight.
From the co-main event, among the UFC’s fastest rising stars, Israel Adesanya, gets his first shot at UFC gold when he takes on The Ultimate Fighter 17 winner, Kelvin Gastelum. It has two fight-of-the-year contenders in the ATL with just two quite live underdogs for UFC gaming lovers to consider, so let us get into it.
Max Holloway vs. Dustin Tips UFC & Poirier Odds 236
What is there to say? At only 27 years old, Holloway is currently making his case for the title of greatest featherweight of all time with just two dominant wins over Jose Aldo in 2017.
Now, Holloway has his sights set on the name of best pound-for-pound fighter and is going up to 155 pounds to become only the fourth dual winner in UFC history.
Holloway’s game is all about pressure and pace. He places among the highest paces in the featherweight division, throwing about 15 strikes every second and burying opponents under his relentless volume.
Even when a fighter can get the better of him early on, as Aldo did in both of the fights, few are able to stay blow for blow with Holloway as the fight drags into the third, fourth and fourth rounds.
In many respects, Poirier is comparable. “The Diamond” also functions at a high pace, with mix striking. The two differ though is that while Max has electricity and can hurt opponents, his finishes usually arrive as a result of accumulated damage.
Poirier, in contrast, is one of the only hardest blow-for-blow punchers in the lightweight division. He does not need to land many strikes to harm an opponent because his litany of UFC wins reveals. Poirier is a grappler than Holloway.

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